es.enlínea is a portal, documenting my journey as I learn about both Spanish language and culture.

Yo soy Anthony

I decided to create this blog to help me, over time, create a language portal. Here, you’ll find useful resources and helpful materials and I hope you find something of interest.

I have been learning Spanish since 2021, I’m an absolute beginner; A1. However, I have the drive to become fluent in my 3rd language.

I am a British Sign Language interpreter here in the UK. I enjoy linguistics: language and culture.

As my confidence grows I will write increasingly in Spanish. However, currently I’m writing in my mother tongue English.

On your language journey, like mine, you will almost definitely experience plateaus at some point. Many learners can remain stuck because they feel they are not improving enough. These plateaus will happen no matter how long you’ve been learning a language. Read in a foreign language a lot, seek out various topics to learn vocabulary in context at your current level.

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