Leer, escribir, escuchar y hablar español son importante practicáis todos días.

ampliar el vocabulario

Expanding your vocabulary is one of the most obvious benefits about reading in your target language. Reading is a good way to learn new words. Books, articles or any other reading materials are unlimited sources of words to learn and new phrases to remember. Depending on what kind of vocabulary you’re interested in learning, you can choose to read books from different genres, levels, and with different target audiences, authors and even years of publication. The more you read, the more you enrich your vocabulary.

vocabulario en contexto

Whenever you read, you contextualise. Reading enables you to practice your target language in context. Words and phrases are never isolated in books and articles. New vocabulary is always surrounded by other words and ideas that help you understand it, build connections to it in your brain and remember it more easily. Learning vocabulary in context is far more effective than trying to remember word lists

Práctiqué leer, escribir, hablar y escuchar español todo días por más desde uno años.

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