Escribiendo prácticas en español

Spanish writing practices

Grab your pen and paper—it’s time to jump start your Spanish writing practice! These creative exercises will help you master writing in your second language. 

Diario todos los días

Journals are perfect for Spanish sentence writing practice! Pick up a new notebook or grab your laptop to start. Label each entry at the top to practice writing dates in Spanish.

Visite la biblioteca

Ask your local librarian where the Spanish section is! Reading in Spanish is an excellent way to learn new vocabulary and writing skills. Add a Spanish Keyboard to Your Phone

Want to text your friends in Spanish? Whether you have Apple or Android, it’s easy to add another language to your keyboard! This new keyboard will enable you to type in Spanish and add accent marks more easily.

Iniciar un blog

Blogging is not only a fun way to document your life experiences, but also an amazing opportunity to write about your life and adventures in Spanish! Keep up your blog just as you would in English, but challenge yourself to use Spanish writing practice as much as possible. 

Encontrar un amigo por correspondencia

Write Spanish with a friend! Start sharing letters back and forth with a Spanish-speaking friend or acquaintance. Your penpal can give you writing pointers and help you sound like a native speaker! Make To-Do Lists

Spanish writing is all about practice! An easy way to add a quick language lesson to your week is by writing all of your to-do lists in Spanish. You will automatically learn relevant vocabulary as you detail your chores, groceries, and errands. 

Autocorrección en español

If you plan to practice your Spanish on a laptop or computer, it’s important to check spelling and grammar in the proper language. Apple Pages, Microsoft Word and Google Drive enable you to set the proofing language or even set it automatically.

Interactúa con las redes sociales españolas

The best way to get better at Spanish is by making practice a daily habit. Spanish social media is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the Spanish-speaking world while also improving your language skills.

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