¿Qué tal? – How are things?

¿Qué tal?

Whether you’re going to be working in Spain or spending some time with your Spanish speaking friends, you’ll want to be able to chat with people and get to know them better. These phrases will help you communicate with acquaintances, friends, family and colleagues in a variety of everyday situations.

Saludos/ Greetings

Presentar las personas/ Introducing people

Hablar de ti mismo/ Talking about yourself

Disculparse/ Apologising

Preguntado para información/ Asking for information

Diciendo lo que quieres hacer/ Saying what you want to do

Expresando opiniones/ Expressing opinions

Tomar decisiones/ Making suggestions

Hablando su planes/ Talking about your plans

Haciendo planes/ Making arrangements

Decir lo que tienes que hacer/ saying what you have to do

¿Lo sabías?

When you want to talk to people that you either don’t know at all, or don’t know very well, the way to say you is usted. Nowadays, younger people in Spain tend not to use usted in this way.

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