Aprende a leer las noticias

Reading the News Do you often struggle to find interesting and appropriate Spanish reading materials at your level? Good news! Las noticias can help you develop a daily learning habit since “the news” happens every day.  Reading the news is a great way to build useful vocabulary. Unlike literature, the vocabulary used in news is formulaic, making it ideal for those new to learning Spanish. You are … Continúa leyendo Aprende a leer las noticias


Leer, escribir, escuchar y hablar español son importante practicáis todos días. ampliar el vocabulario Expanding your vocabulary is one of the most obvious benefits about reading in your target language. Reading is a good way to learn new words. Books, articles or any other reading materials are unlimited sources of words to learn and new phrases to remember. Depending on what kind of vocabulary you’re … Continúa leyendo leyendo